Download Low Poly Farm Fence Free Nulled

Low Poly Farm Fence

This is a pack of 6 low poly fence pieces as seen on the preview image. They have 1438 triangles all together and are optimized for top down perspectives but can also be used for lower viewpoint angles.

The textures are easily customize able so you can adjust the colors to fit most environments. Ideal for decorating levels.

Mesh: - Low Poly Farm Fence – 1438 tris (6 fences with grass )

Texture: Size – 2048×2048 px (textures can be downgraded to 512) Only diffuse texture. The texture is hand-painted.

Features: - Stylized hand painting texturing - Clean mesh with no co-planar faces or isolated vertices - No corrections or cleaning up needed - Correctly named in English - Pivot at 0, 0, 0 at bottom center of object