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Jungle Voyage Final - Unity3d + Admob

-> Overview

Jungle Voyage Final Unity is exciting full game with 120 complete levels.

-> Game features:

Dodge mad gorillas with spears Avoid angry baboons’ boomerang attacks Keep the jumping fox away from piranha plants One thumb tap and slide controls Jump and swing on vines to avoid deadly obstacles More powerups: Shield, Coins Magnet, and Double Coins Run and collect coins

-> Included in project:

Audio Missions Facebook And Parse Advertisements Try our game out on Android :

-> Features and Requirements

Source code was made with Unity3D version 4.6.1p5 Side-scrolling adventure game Cross platform (Android & iOS) 6 Island with 20 levels per each, total 120 tested levels, with editable missions 3 Types of power ups (Shield, Coins Magnet, and Double Coins) Ads implemented (AdMob Interstitial and UnityAds video) Daily Rewards Time reward 15 supported languages