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Canvas - Modern PHPBB3.1 Theme

Canvas – Modern, responsive and retina-friendly theme for phpBB3.1


  • Responsive layout
  • Retina friendly: Canvas uses font icons and image-less UI elements, which make it look absolutely delightful on High-resolution screen
  • Optimised for mobiles: Numerous mobile-specific optimisations made to make sure your mobile users have a great time
  • WYSIWYG editor: Easy content editing (can be disabled from SlickPanel)
  • Theme options: Included SlickPanel extension allows you to tweak style, layout and features Easily
  • Collapsible forum nodes: Expand/collapse categories with one click. This is helpful when browsing big forums
  • Custom forum icons: Super easy forum icons. Just add the icons as forum-image and you’re done!
  • Sticky Header: Navbar sticks to top of window for easier access to navigation and user-area
  • Relative Timestamps: Default timestamps are not very human readable. Canvas displays fuzzy relative timestamps (5 minutes ago, 7 months ago) for better browsing experience [This feature currently only works with languages that use english timestamps]
  • Off-canvas Menu: Off-canvas navigation on mobile devices (perfect with sticky header)
  • Unlimited colors: Pick any color with color-picker in SlickPanel
  • Social icons: Easily add links to your social pages as icons in footer
  • Sidebar widgets: Index Footer blocks shown in sidebar. You can also add custom sidebar block code (twitter/facebook widget, ads, etc)
  • Multi-language support: Works seamlessly with language packs
  • RTL enabled: RTL language packs are supported as well
  • Modern topic-list: Clean, easy to browse topic-list with very visible indication for read/unread topics.
  • Improved topic view: Numerous UX improvements in topic view (relative post number display & editor on quickreply, for example)
  • Syntax highlight: Code blocks in posts automatically get syntax-highlighted.
  • Responsive Youtube Embeds: Youtube videos can be added using WYSIWYG editor or BBcode
  • Analytics support: Simply enter your Google/Clicky Analytics ID to enable tracking
  • Jump to top/bottom: QuickScroll can be enabled on long pages
  • Clickable rows: Check rows without clicking exactly on the checkbox (Very helpful for mobile devices)
  • Quick login: Users can login from a dropdown box in the navbar and are redirect back to the page they were viewing

Note: If a feature or extension support is essential to you and is not listed above, please ask about it before purchasing.


 #### v1.2.1 [Feb 10, 2016] fix: Package files fix: TopicAuthor settings not being saved 
 #### v1.2.0 [Feb 9, 2016] new: recent-topics extension support [upload contents of into "ext" folder] new: mark read button on index fix: smiley bug fix: Place inline button on attachments fix: Quote button from topic preview fix: Round avatar in profile fix: quicklogin interference with oneall enabled fix: avatar background fix: avatar size on notifications page fix: Analytics component fix: mark buttons in UCP fix: size input removed from IMG in wysiwyg editor fix: post author display fix: strike bbcode fix: pagination jump-box fix: birthday widget fix: image resizing in firefox fix: widgets on index with sidebar disabled 
 #### v1.1.0 [Nov 2, 2015] important: sidebar_blocks.html needs changes, check upgrade doc in package new: Faster render speeds with body background-image new: [vimeo] embed new: Support for topicsolved extension new: Support for onall extension [show in header/sidebar] new: Option to control grayscale feature on forum icons/images new: option to show/hide sidebar on index/forum/topic new: avatar fallback change: Removed dimension input from sceditor img change: cursor on resized images change: post_number in template fix: date parsing fix: Alert close fix: content size declaration fix: pagination in search result topic 
 #### v1.0.21 [Oct 11, 2015] fix: Breacrumb on mobile fix: missing from 1.0.2 package fix: incompatibility with modified script_name 
 #### v1.0.2 [Oct 10, 2015] fix: Breadcrumb home icon fix: select menus on firefox fix: invisible timestamps on some languages fix: debug output not visible fix: buttons off-place in source-mode (SCEditor) fix: Youtube embeds in [center] fix: Bad [font] tag on copy-paste fix: RTL checkboxes fix: RTL tooltips fix: SCEditor RTL mode fix: Editor buttons on mobile change: San Francisco font used if available change: small visual changes in topic view 
 #### v1.0.1 [Oct 2, 2015] fix: SCEditor size bbcode fix: SCEditor quote bbcode fix: who is online pagination fix: Active topics on mobile fix: Registration error style fix: Unsaved content notice fix: Smiley box with normal editor change: SCEditor toolbar is now slightly smaller